Wednesday, August 8, 2007

And the EMMI Goes To . . .

A few of my loyal readers (I love you too, Mom and Dad) asked me to talk a little bit more about the TV appearance I made on Sunday (referenced in an earlier blog post). For those who don't watch local TV at 7:23 on Sunday mornings and are curious, here is some background.

I'm truly honored to have been asked by the Danbury Hospital to do a few television interviews with Dr. Pierre Saldinger (the hospital's chief of surgery and an all around great guy with a Suh-weeeet car) to talk about the EMMI solution.

EMMI, for those who are just getting started with the surgery process, is an online education tool that allows you and your family and friends to "see" how gastric bypass surgery works and to go through the steps and the process at your own pace. There is even a place where you can take notes that you can then take to the medical professionals at the hospital for answers and more information.

I did EMMI about four months before my surgery. I have known about GB for years and have even looked in to having the surgery twice before (long stories for another time). Anywho, even with all I "knew" - I still learned some stuff. MORE importantly, my wife could go through the program at her own pace and without me over her shoulder. My parents, with all their fears for the procedure, could find comfort. Some friends who wanted to know more about the surgery could "see" the surgery and learn for themselves.

IF you have not yet been given your EMMI passcode and instructions, you soon will. IF you have gotten your passcode and done the program - please do share the code with your family and friends and have them go through it. It made my whole family and those that were worried learn more and everyone was left more comfortable with me and my decision.

To see the clip, click on this link and then click on the TV camera icon in the upper left corner of the screen . . .

For more on EMMI, check out . . .

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